About Us

It all starts with your home. Here you live, have fun, relax, raise children. It is the center of your world, so this place must perfectly suit your needs. Furniture is the main detail of the home, which creates a certain atmosphere and ensures your safety and quality of life. The investment in them is long-term, so everything needs to be well planned and thought out, because they will last for many years to come. We, UAB Beržlapė and our professional team will take care of your furniture.

We have been engaged in furniture production for a long time – UAB Beržlapė has been working since 1997, so we have accumulated a lot of valuable experience during this time. Our knowledge and abilities are valued not only by Lithuanian, but also by Russian and Swedish customers. We work internationally, so we can say very precisely what furniture fashions are now prevalent in the East and which in Scandinavia. Scandinavian furniture fashion has its weight all over the world, so you can be sure that we will design and manufacture only innovative and latest fashion furniture for you.

UAB Beržlapė designs, manufactures and installs various types of furniture:

  • Kitchens furniture;
  • Bedroom furniture;
  • Childroom furniture;
  • Hallway furniture;
  • Living room furniture;
  • Bathroom furniture;
  • Sliding and simple cabinet systems;
  • Office furniture;
  • Furniture for restaurants and cafes;
  • And other furniture.

We are experienced, but very flexible, because we are well aware that a furnished home is for you. Even the highest requirements for quality, appearance, fittings and other details are fearless – we boldly take on every challenge, because that is how we can improve. Your furniture will be made sincerely and with full attention to achieve the desired results in the shortest time.

Prices? Furniture prices are dictated by many details that depend on your choice. Therefore, we should first listen to your wishes, expectations, thoughts and life plans, and only then we will offer you the most acceptable prices.

Furniture production is not accidental – here is convenient communication with the whole of Lithuania and foreign countries. Whether you are from Vilnius or Klaipeda – we will come, measure, design and build the furniture of your dreams. Trust us, as several hundred customers have already done.